Speaking about asterix records

everybody talk about bonds and his asterix record but there is other that in my opininon should be asterix record like the one matsuzaka is about to set for a rookie in a redsox uniform. he enters todays game needing 4 strike outs to set the new strike out total record by a rookie with 156 Ks.

ken brett had 155 Ks in 1970 but he did it as a true rookie in my holy opinion a good player coming from the nipon league shouldn’t be considered a true rookie. he already had several great years out there. he comes here as a complete pitcher already has developed stamina control and a good repertoire. yes he is a major league baseball rookie from the stats point of view but it’s hard to take him as a real rookie.

that’s just my feeling on it though.

The Major Leagues are tougher than those Japanese ones. It’s just like somebody coming up from AAA, sure it’s a tough league but not quite the Bigs.

They did pretty good in the World Series of baseball.

Also, Wayne Gretzky didn’t qualify as rookie of the year in the NHL because he played in the now defunct World Hockey League. Matsuzak’s no rookie, IMHO.

yeah man, this is truly a sad day in baseball. it certainly isn’t fair that a well-oiled machine from the nipon league should be able to just come to america and break the hallowed record set by the legendary- no, the GODLIKE- ken brett…

I definitely think he shouldn’t be considered a rookie, and being a Canadian, Gretzky instantly popped into my head… but apparently i was not fast enough.

Do you think that the Japanese league is seriously as strong as the Majors? If not, what level are they at?

How many people with a rookie of the year or rookie record has not had pro experience before? None! They have all played minor leagues or in another league whether it be A, AA, AAA, Independent or Japan.

Only 3 players went to the majors with no pro experience, Mike Piazza, John Olerud and Dave Winfield, none with a rookie of the year or rookie record.

I find it strange that a Yankee fan like myself is defending Dice-K but, you know I guess Godzilla’s vie for the award has brought some tension into the topic for me.

Yeah, but he was playing in a professional baseball league. Back to the gretzky defense, the WHA was an “inferior” league to the NHL in the same way that the japanese league is to MLB, yet he didn’t (and would have) won ROTY.

??? WHat was that supposed to mean?

He’s been playing in the Nippon Professional Baseball League since 1999, he’s about as close to retirement as he is to being a rookie.

Still a rookie to MLB, how many years do most MLB players spend in the minors?

That’s exactly what I am saying is wrong, he is a “rookie” to the MLB, but he is a Japanese pro baseball star. It’s the same thing as going from the CFL to the NFL and winning rookie of the year, its not fair to all the true rookies that are beaten by a technicality.

It is so, they were at the same skill level at one point. Japanese league is no different than triple A. Get on the chat room shane.

I guess that’s where we have to agree to disagree, and don’t boss me around! lol

I’m not saying that Japanese leagues are equal to AAA just they are not the bigs. Remember that overhyped prospects are no different, better than the rest in their league but, not in the MLB.

That’s what we diagree on, i think that the japanese league may not be equal to MLB in skill, but it is still a professional baseball league.

I think he should get the record because its not really his fault he couldn’t get over here any sooner. This is his first year in the MLB so yeah he is a rookie. I see what everyone else is saying thathe already had pro expierience somewhere else but it wasn’t in America so as far as the MLB is concered thats like having none at all.

Just want to point out you talk about Japan vs. America and how its like a AAA team, well so are the Royals. (more like AAAA but whatever) The Japanese still have a good league and some real good players too bad they just couldn’t come straight to America cause that could get rid of a lot of problems.(Sorry Royal fans)

take off kazmir and crawford and the d-rays are a serious bunch of AAA guys.

Even with them they still are close to AAA. Two guys can ony do so much for a team.

I’d like to see the Devil Rays (no Kazmir or Crawford) VS> the Royals (No Grudzielanek or Bannister [who I think is doing a little better than Meche this year]) Now that would be a game to watch.

The devil rays are a bunch of up-and-comers though, in a few years they’ll be a good team.

The minors are professional as well. You aren’t seeming to comprehend that.

Plus the D-Rays have alot more than just Crawford and Kazmir. They have B.J. Upton (lol).