Sparkle Eyes

Hello boys, she said with a grin,
I’ve come to watch you run the skins.
Pay never mind to my flashing eyes,
or dimple checks or girlish smiles.

I’m just a fan in the 15th row,
siting there and wanting to know,
which one will hit that ball so right,
and make me giggle all through the night.

But just remember the time does fly,
as I smile a bit with sparkle eyes.

And after the game, you lucky guys,
will watch me leave and wave bey-bey.
But if you happen to pass my house,
please be quiet, like a mouse.
For I’ll be sleeping, all bundled tight,
tucked and bundled for the night.
So pass so quietly on my street,
because you see — I’m only three!

Coach B.

You’ve written some great poems
Coach Baker.

Thank you.

My wife and I use to write letters back and forth when I was on the road for away games. After my first road trip, trying to come up with things to say got me writing about basically the same ole stuff, just a different place.

So I came up with a poem or two, just to break the tempo, but still let my Mrs know what was going on. There weren’t any cell phones back then -(70’s & 80"s), and calling was just too expensive.

My Mrs has those letters in a bundle. I’m retired now so I’ll take up my winter days reading through some and remembering some of the people I use to know and meet.

That poem was about a little girl that was the daughter of one of our major vendors who sponsored us at the time. Very pretty little girl that charmed every one - even a cranky ole Skipper that we had at the time.

Coach B.

Coach Baker-
sometimes words are more powerful than actions.
I’ve read quite a few of your poems on this site.
Have you ever submitted poems to a magazine?

No I haven’t submitted anything to a paper or such.

I did publish a short book for rookie pitchers that I donate every year, in pdf format, to schools and amateur clubs to kind of give-back to this game that gave me so much.

I never really thought about sending anything to anybody. I’m just a field coach, didn’t make a mark anywhere to be noticed.

Baseball is all I really knew, for the most part. I was very thankful to get the work that I did, and being with some very dynamic people. I learned a lot about the frailty of the human spirit, and how easy it is to stumble.

In addition to the letters - with all the stuff in them, I found that going back and forth with my Mrs. kept my feet on the ground. I did my best to look at things with a different eye, don’t complain and do the best with what I had.

I never was one to befriend the bottle, nor did I like the clubhouse politics either. So, without those two, I was pretty much to myself most of the time. Besides, the pitching coach and those associated with a club’s rotation have a much different relationship than other people. Kind of hard to explain without stepping on a few toes - so I don’t want to go there.

In any event, thank you very much for the kind words.

My family and I sincerely wish you and your family the very best this Holiday Season.

John A. Baker
Springfield, MA