Sox vs Phillies


A great start to the season for Clay Buchholz. I can’t wait to see how Porcello does after signing that big deal. For that kind of money, we should expect great things. We’ll see if he can deliver tonight.

Strange line up decisions tonight. I would have started Papi again and put Napoli into the game later to hit for Porcello then move him over to play 1st. Now, if you want to put Papi in, it will be the tail end of the game. I wouldn’t want him to go in to play 1st cold. Also, what’s up with sitting Victorino? He just had a day off! He can’t start two games in a row with a day off in between? If he’s the everyday RF, he needs to earn his money. Nava could have gotten into the game later as a PH or OF replacement if they really needed a situational LHH.

Not sure Panda’s the ideal 3 hole either. Sitting Papi jacks up the batting order.


Porcello running into some control problems leading to a ball getting crushed by Francouer. Harang pitched well using only a 4 seamer and a curve ball for 6 1/3 scoreless. Sox just couldn’t get something going.


Masterson has had a good slider so far through 4 innings. The bats are back for the Sox. Bogaerts had a lucky hop on his hit down the right field line for a three-run triple.


I did a pitching instruction video with Masterson and a youth pitcher from Boston a while back while he was pitching for the Lowell Spinners minor league team. It aired on PBS for a year. He’s got really good stuff – especially that sinker.