Southpaw leaving it high and outside

Junk ball adult league lefty here. I am constantly leaving the ball high and outside. I couldn’t hit a RHB if I wanted to. Not that I want to, I just need to get command on the inside. Very frustrating. Not following through? Leaving the sholder out? Suggestions welcomed.


could be a number of things…

  1. opening up WAY to early

  2. release point is much too late

  3. rotating your trunk too much too early

  4. when planting, your right foot being too far behind your posting leg [heel side] it should be in a straight line with your back foot or just a little behind [2 inches MAX]

or it could be any combination of the above.

a video would be much more helpful.

Opening up the shoulders early will often raise up the release point and pull it back causing you to throw up and in to same-handed batters.

This happens to me a lot too as a left handed pitcher. For me I open up way to early and dont let my arm catch up to my body, which leaves the ball high and inside to lefties. Whenever this happens i try to just concentrate on staying closed and getting my arm up.