Southpaw knuckler

Has there ever been a left handed knuckleball pitcher, who did any good in the MLB

Warren Spahn, but he only used the knuckleball during his last 3 seasons.

How about Wilbur Wood and Gene Bearden? Gene Bearden won 2 WS games for the Indians back in his day. Wilbur Wood is one of the elite knuckleball pitchers of all time. Oh and I almost forgot Dutch Leonard, he was part of the Senators all knuckleball starting rotation when they did that.

There’s a D1 left handed knuckleballer right now named Andrew Connor who is actually a very good prospect he is already being scouted by the Rays and other MLB franchises.

Pustulio, you bastard, I was getting ready to bring up the 1944 Senators all-knuckleball starting staff lol