Sorry kid,... can't

When you make it to the pro’s … any level, and you sign a line that say’s
in so many words… your owned outright … think … and think a lot, about
those deals that say you can only sign – autograph – put a mark on stuff
that has the club’s logo on it, the franchise, a certain trading card deal, and so forth.

Because, some day you’ll be walking past a youngster who looks up to you and looks up to you big time…. and he or she will want in the worse way your autograph … something of you. Don’t be like the stiffs that call themselves pro ballplayers and be restricted by a “deal”. Don’t say…” Sorry kid, can’t.”

If any of you make it, and make it big, remember the lean times … remember the kid that you once were … remember the vision through who’s eyes see you.

The title Major Leaguer comes with an awesome responsibility that goes far beyond the sports page, the balance sheet and net worth.

Coach B,

You are a wealth of insights and wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

Well Said Coach B!

I’ve missed being on here to read your posts and many others! I look forward to catching up on what I’ve missed

Good to see you back!

I agree with you 100%, in order to get kids into baseball they need to have something happen that will get them hooked on it

Nice post Coach B. you really oughta be some kind of philosopher.

Wales, good to see you back.