Sorry I know this is a stupid question but

Alright so my friend said throwing fast and throwing hard are different. Anyone care to explain or disagree with him?

I would say that the two are essentially the same thing. However, not too many baseball players at the upper levels of the game use the phrase “throwing fast.” It’s simply just “throwing hard.”

He could mean the “weight” of the pitch also. A flat, unlively fastball even if fast, won’t seem very hard, whereas a good heavy sinker like Jeremy Bonderman’s for instance, could be considered a “hard” pitch, just because it feels like hitting a bowling ball when he’s on his game.

Same thing, to me anyway. This would get into a semantic discussion only. He can define “hard” or “fast” any way he pleases and you’d never win that argument.

My question is what good can become of such an argument?

This is a stretch but maybe by “throwing fast” he means “working fast” which means reducing the amount of time between pitches to keep the defense alert and to keep batters from getting too “comfy” at the plate.

This is my interpretation of the difference between throwing hard and throwing fast:

Throwing fast , to me , suggests a sharp fastball that appears sharper then it looks (hard to see etc)

Throwing hard can be just as fast as “throwing fast” but the quality of the pitch is different. Its more power ful than a fast pitch making it harder to hit further.Basically throwing hard is like saying you throw a heavy pitch.

Throwing fast is sharp and livly fastball.

its hard to explain so it may be confusing to understand what i mean. but this is my interpretation.