Soreness in lower back

Ok, just recently i’ve encountered pain in the middle right side of my back is this anything I should worry about? or should I just take a break or streach longer and better.

Id also like to add, its not my arm thats hurting.

I would think that if it is off to the side then it is probably a muscular strain and rest should take care of it. But I ain’t no doctor.

Strained Oblique. 15 day DL.

That would be your diagnosis in the pros. lol

lol alright ill go on the 15 day DL lol

As long as it’s only temporary its nothing to panic about, i usually get sore in my lower back and a little bit in the same area as you, but it’s usually completely gone within 2-3 days.

If it continues see a doctor. It could be spondylolysis, which is a stress fracture in the back that pitchers your age, especially ones that have just gone through or are going through a growth spurt are prone to.