Sore vs. hurting?

What is the difference between when your arm is sore or when your arm is hurting?

Never having experienced either problem, I can only speculate. So here’s what I think. A sore arm is most likely a fatigued arm, caused by throwing too hard or too much—nothing that ice and rest can’t fix. Hurting is another story: a pitcher may have dislocated something, or twisted his elbow, or otherwise “thrown his arm out”; this is more serious and requires medical attention. As I said, I’m just speculating here—are you experiencing either of those problems?

Yes I have been experiencing elbow pains. I have been going to the physio to help and it has helped a little but not much. I have limited my innings since my elbow started hurting. Even after I rest my elbow and ice it for a week it hurts the next time I pitch still so maybe is the problem that I do not throw enough on the side to strengthen my arm?

Constant or recurring pain could be a sign of something more serious. I would consult a doctor.

Does this mean I should stop throwing?

You should stop throwing and get to a doctor—preferably a sports medicine specialist—as soon as possible. Get X-rays and maybe an MRI and see just what is going on. You need to take care of this ASAP; constant pain is not a laughing matter.

I saw a doctor and he said that a physio will help it and it should heal quick. He said I just need to add flexibility. He also said that right now it isn’t a major problem but I need to get it fixed.

I understand increasing flexibility but what was the diagnosis?
Did the doc recommend you keep throwing?

The doc said that it was little leaguers elbow but he did not tell me to stop throwing. Just to see the physio.

If I’m not mistaken little league elbow is basically tendonitis. Physio won’t hurt but if you’re not improving I would get a second opinion.
Normally with LL elbow ive seen guys are ordered physio and rest for periods up to six weeks. Perhaps in this case you should shut it down for a few weeks then when you do heal begin a daily throwing program.

I will get a second opinion on my elbow to know what to do.

Good idea. Your response tells me you’re hurting more than you might be letting on. Not uncommon in pitchers.
Second opinions are always a good idea IMO.

Ya I agree with you Turn 22. I am one of the best pitchers on my team and I do not want to let them down because playoffs are soon.