Sore Shoulder After First Pitcher


I dont know if Im not stretching right or my form is snapped but I was pitching and after my first pitch my shoulder started hurting. Is there some where I can post my form at on here.

Also what can I do to relieve pain.


Upload some videos to YouTube and put the link here. Vids from the back and from third (if you’re a righty) are best.


I’m assuming you don’t know how to post your mechanics here so I’ll explain how;
First step is to upload them to YouTube, preferably with a title like “First Last Mechanics” with first and last being your name.
Secknd step is to copy the link and paste it on this website. You can either edit the original post here, or create a new topic for it.

As 2022dad said, when you record, try to get the angle from the third base side if you’re a righty, or the first base side if you’re a righty.

Now, to relieve pain…

  • ice after you throw. This will reduce swelling.
  • don’t throw when it hurts, it could of just be overuse
  • if you say where it hurts and when, we can et an idea of what your problem is and tell you some exercises to support the area
  • the final thing is to develope good mechanics, with good linear movements to protect your arm.
  • If you don’t, make sure you don’t warm up too fast. If you think this may be the issue we will go over a good throwing progression.