Sore forearm

Forearm is getting sore, kind of filling with blood reminds me of a forearm pump. Its in the Brachioradialis and flexor carpi area [/img]


Think about this for a minute? What does the Bicep perform? What does the Brachialis perform? They basically flex the elbow and assist in forearm supination. What? When does pitching ever flex the elbow under extreme stress conditions?

It is when the elbow is extending involuntarily from forearm flyout where the bicep and Brachialis contract eccentrically (while lengthening) to keep your elbow from slamming the bones together hyper ballistically extended, that does not actually help because forearm supination allows this destructive mechanic to happen anyways.

The fix

Pronate all your pitch types, they all can be pronated.
Get a higher Humeral vector that will allow you to eliminate forearm flyout and allow you to use your Latissimus Dorsi as the primary mover to drive the ball instead of your pectoralis major as the primary mover and pulling it through.

As always, seek medical attention and receive your Dr’s release before actually fixing this problem.

Really appreciate the input thank you, just curious what a humeral vector is and forearm fly out?


I answered because you were having an injurious outcome and you will find nobody wants to tackle this scenario because they believe pitch counts injure you when actually improper force application (mechanics) and lack of fitness is what injures you.

I don’t use the “Yard speak” terms (armslot) to describe this because it does not explain that the Humerus takes a vectored path (voluntary or involuntary) and the forearm takes a path (voluntary or involuntary) depending on if you forearm pronate your forwards acceleration phase or supinate it and every pitcher has combinations of each that is different than others. When I say raise your Humeral (abduct it) vector it means to turn up your elbow during the Humeral/forearm transition phase that happens just before the acceleration phase and point your triceps forwards

This is intuitive with pitchers who leave their forearm pronated with the hand on top of the ball at glove side foot plant and then loop their transition phase to get their arm in position to the start the acceleration (Humerus fully outwardly rotated) phase. When they start their acceleration phase, because they were in a pronated position at the start of the transition phase it starts the forearm out to the side of the body and promotes supimated drive (the elbow killer). It is best to bring the ball down then back then up to driveline height (ball at top of head arm extended back) back supimated (thumb up) so you can then intuitively pronate your drives and avoid bicep/Brachialis contractions so you can actually use your triceps when driving the ball.

Do you understand the phases of your conventional delivery?
Have you analyzed your motion using high speed video?
How old are you?

Any questions, please give them