sore elbow

hey it seems like near the end of every season my elbow starts hurting pretty bad. an i don’t know why because i have’nt ever thrown any curves until this year my freshman year i rareley throw them anyway. and its not that i have just pitched to much cause over this season (about 18 games) ive thrown about 20 innings plus i don’t throw side arm or any thing and sometimes it hurts really bad. and i just don’t know why?

Certain mechanical issues can lead to elbow pain. Can you post some video of you pitching?

someone told me it could just be from overworking it.? like today after powercleaning in weightlifting class it started hurtin extremly bad. is it just from overworking or what?

I would still post video of your mechanics, as you said it started hurting from baseball, not overworking it, and there may be something damaged in there to cause this issue. Also go see a doctor.

Does your elbow hurt sometimes when you wake up? Right before bed? Or when you aren’t doing any physical activity?

when im not at practice or pitching it its just kinda like an ache thats just, there

[quote=“lefty7”]when im not at practice or pitching it its just kinda like an ache thats just, there[/quote]This is one of the best indicators to go see a doctor. If it causes problems outside of baseball where you can feel it consistently, that is usually an indicator of something very wrong. Off to the doc you go!

A lot of elbow issues are caused by problems with the shoulder. As the season progresses usually your throwing shoulder internal rotation decreases causing you to release the ball earlier. When that happens, the elbow bangs out to the side causing pain. Sleeper stretches, 4x daily would help with this. Make sure you release the ball out front not to the side.

Also the throwing shoulder side shoulder blade may have dropped, which can also cause mechanical issues. Blackburn type exercises daily would help with this.

Elbow issues can also be caused by improper pronation immediately after release. Wolforth and Marshall have some good info on this.

I agree with what BillK says. You still need to see an orthopedist to make sure that you haven’t done any permanent damage yet.

orthepedist said i had tindinitis

The question is why? if you just rest it and do not fix what the cause was, it may just come back. Did he say tendinitis or tendinosis?

Tendinitis, he said to stretch it and do the resistance bands, he showed me how to.