Sore back?

I was thinking about getting tuff cuff but my dad has been really busy and hasnt gotten a chance to buy, but wen i buy tuff cuff should I go ahead a start the program if I have a sore back? ps- i think i have a sore back and yes it is from pitching.

If I were you I would wait for your back to be close to 100% so you don’t really mess anything up.

But this is also coming from a kid who pulled an upper back muscle in between baseball tryouts (I woke up and could barely move at first very painful) I almost couldn’t get up the stairs at school and when I got to tryouts I started throwing and I kept throwing through it until I couldn’t feel it anymore (not so sure that was smart but hey, it worked for me).

Yea, i pitched in the last 2 tournaments not for long about 1-2 innings just so i could help my team get through the inning. but im not really sure wat is wrong the pain is by my shoulder blade the doctor said it was a sore back but i dont know. if any one has had the same problem please reply to this message!!!