Sore arms

What do you do about players with sore arms. The players do not lift and I dont think they understand regular muscle soreness.I am leaning toward saying you have to fight thru it. I coach a middleschool travel including my own son and they are never sore. Any ideas?.

Personally, it depends on the extent of the soreness. If it’s minor then I’ll try to throw lightly through but, but if it’s a strong soreness then I’ll make sure to back off throwing for 2-3 days.

As a preventative measure, make sure your players are performing arm care exercises (scap, rotator cuff, forearm) and conditioning properly after they throw (I enjoy a metabolic sprint circuit the day after I pitch.)

I guess it would depend on what is meant by “sore arm”. A lot of the time it might mean just a fatigued or a very tired arm, in which case a day or two of rest won’t hurt. Very often, with an arm that’s just tired a pitcher’s stuff will not do any more than it should, and the pitcher can get through seven or eight innings—I recall that Allie Reynolds would have that every so often, and he got through a game all right. But when an arm is really sore—to the point that there is pain or a lot of discomfort—there’s no point in trying to pitch through it, because it might make matters worse. In that case the pitcher should have the doctor look at it, just to make sure he didn’t pull a muscle or tear a tendon or something like that. 8)