Sophomore pitcher open to any tips

I’m a sophomore this year and I am open to any advice…here’s how i did last year. (last year was my first year pitching so i didn’t know squat about mechanics)

1.Made JV as a pitcher on my first try
2.Got pitchers elbow so i missed most of my JV season.(i’d really like help on how to prevent that.)
3.I dont know how fast i throw…when my coaches took out the radar gun i was just starting to heal from my elbow injury and threw in the 60’s.(like i said i really need help with mechanics)

basically i really need help w/mechanics is the main thing…I heard something about leading w/the elbow so if anybody would help me on that, (any help i’ll take though.


No one here can give you any meaningful advice about your mechanics without seeing them.

My advice is: Get someone to videotape you (please ask them to use a tripod–please!) from 3rd base (if you are an RHP) or 1st base (LHP) and perhaps also from a frontal view.

Figure out how to post the video at this site for the coaches and pitchers to look at. You will get high quality comments, maybe some questions, etc, and the feedback will be meaningful.

Personally, I wouldn’t be so open-minded as to accept advice about my mechanics from people who’ve never seen me deliver a pitch. They may have the best of intentions, but they will not be able to tell you anything important unless your written descriptions of your mechanics are (1) accurate accounts and (2) truly outstanding in their depth of detail.

If a single picture is worth 1000 words, what do you think a 30 second video clip might be worth?

P.S.–Seriously, don’t make us all sea-sick…get your videotaper to use a tripod or some kind of firm support for your pitching video.

I agree 100% with laflippin. It’s real tough to give good advice without seeing you pitch.

That said, pitcher’s elbow is caused by overuse or a lack of conditioning - or both. Assuming you’re going to be starting up soon, you should have already started throwing - not pitching - on a daily basis. You should start off at a short to medium distance at first and work your way up to long toss.

As for your velocity, if you have mechanical issues, then they could be holding back your velocity. Post some video and then we can address.

whats pitchers elbow?

I’d assume it’s where the elbow hurts preventing the person from throwing