Sophmore Pitcher

Hello my name is Travis Ganley and i have been playing baseball for about 7 years now i am a freshman at WoodSide High school right now and skipped out on freshman year playing ball so i could have a year to condition and i was wondering If i should Get the Tuff Cuff Training Guide because i wanna be the best condition possible buy the time i get to sophmore year the only time i measured my speed it was like 65 at a Giants game a couple of years ago.
What i want is to develop my whole body to become a great pitcher i have great accuracy and decent speed and i throw-

4 seam
2 seam
circle change

and i throw those pitches very well but i want to get to the top of my game so any advice or help as to if i should get the guide thank you in advance.

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I voted yes but hit NO at the last minute on accident.

I will get this asap if people really think it is a great system and training it helps you with any advice or help appreciated…
Thank you

Lol, idk if I should vote because I never used it.

I’m too lazy to commit to that kind of physical conditioning. Well lazy as far as running a bunch or working out but I am not too lazy for a knuckleball.


I guess if you have the commitment to get into shape do it.

Btw: Those radar guns at baseball games and such suck. They don’t give you any accurate readings.

Trust me I went to a Yankees game it said like 40 mph but then I go to practice a few weeks later, coach pulls out the gun and I’m throwing in the 70s.

  1. you will almost definitely need a training partner for motivation. The vast majority of people can’t stick to a program like TuffCuff, nothing against you in particular.

  2. if you stick to it, it’s a very good workout to get you in shape for pitching. I would highly recommend it.

  3. It’s more than just workouts, it’s about diet too. Few are committed to making the necessary dietary changes to maximize their performance. If you are committed, there is some great info in TuffCuff about the right kinds of food to eat.

If you follow the program through to the end, it will be worth far more than then 65$ you paid for it. IMO, it’s a vital tool for any young dedicated pitcher to have.

Thanks for the comments