Sophmore in High School Throwing Mid 70's

Hello, im a sophomore in high school ( 5’10 150) I was wondering if it is too late for me to get my velocity up in time to impress college scouts,

The season is coming to a close and i just wanted to know what i have to do over the season to reach my goal of at least low 80’s to mid 80’s.

Mechanics are above average

I have been looking into using weighted balls over this summer but not sure what types of drills to do on those, please if you can help in any way feel free to comment, Criticism wanted

You are pretty small for your size. Adding 30 lbs of good muscle along with strength will do you a lot of good. This cannot be done in one summer though, it will have to be done throughout your high school career.

Hate to be the one to break it to ya, but if your throwing mid 70’s, your mechanics probably aren’t “above average”.

you’re pretty small, which means you’re going to have to work twice as hard. I’m sure there are some mechanical tweaks to be made. I also think you need to throw more often. I’ve come to see 90+ as exceptional and out of this world for sophmores. 85+ is solid, may be 90 at the end of a hs career. 80+ is decent. 75-78 is average, so I would say you’re below average velocity wise at this point. Don’t use your size as an excuse. Put the work in

not going to bust you chops about size, mechanics b/c I have not seen you personally. Lots of variables with respect to how you project size wise, continued growth. Lots of valuable info here and places like Eric Cressey. Do your homework, have a plan and put it in place and see what happens

My son is 5’11 & 158lbs LHP soph. and will have to continue to work even harder. He’s touching 80 with consistant FBs 77-79 and 2 other pitches to go along with it and solid location. Having just turned 16 a couple months ago he’s got upside but has to stick to a plan both physically and with his class work.

yeah i know im undedrsized , i just turned 16 in January but not using that as an excuse, im going to work 3X as hard and try to gain at LEAST 15 lbs of muscle this summer while also playing summer ball in order to get up to 165+ and then by the start of my Junior season , i will be at around 175+ if not more. Its a long shot but im going to try my best

Get video up, because if your a soph. and throwing mid-70s odd are your mechs are holding you back a couple ticks.

Hey just wanted to weigh in here. My sophomore year of high school I was throwing low 70’s with what I deemed as solid mechanics and a good work ethic. What I came to realize as I went through high school is that I had no idea how much improvement I had in me. I’m in college now throwing mid to upper 80’s simply because I sat down, realized I didn’t know everything, and used the resources around me to improve. Pitching isn’t a race, or a marathon, or anything of the sort because there is no end to it. You may be a bit behind the “average” or “above average” right now, but in a year or two that won’t mean diddly squat. Get in touch with someone to help you work that has been there, be it a coach, older player, or someone knowledgable in baseball, and work with them to find a way to do it. I can tell you that personally, if you want to throw harder, you have to try and throw harder, if that sounds simple enough. Long toss with INTENT. Your arm will not get stronger if you don’t push it. Give it adequate rest but when you throw then THROW. I guess I’m getting into this one because I’ve been in a similar situation, but don’t worry about where you are now, because down the road it will not matter. Right now you need to focus on yourself and no one else. Do the research, get yourself a lifting program that’s pitching specific, because gaining fifteen pounds of muscle isn’t going to help if it’s not the right kind of muscle, or if you lose flexibility over it. To summarize, throw with intent, do your homework, and find someone you can trust to work with on this, because outside help makes it all easier. Good luck.

Nice post Vt, truly the “way” is how you’ve described it…baseball is desire.
Show get yourself some protein, put in the work…believe.
I don’t get a cut but you may want to consider Tuff Cuff, it’s a fantastic conditioning partner and at your age right now, I consider it the perfect time to invest.