Sophmore, good control, looking to improve velocity

I have good control, throwing 60 - 75% strikes, but could use more velocity. Does someone see something in my mechanics? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Audio is random crowd noise, probably best to mute.

Some work in the weight room would definately help :slight_smile:

Other than that, evrything is just slow. Try and get momentum towards the plate quicker and the translates into velocity. And i may be wrong but it looks like your stride is a little short

It is really hard to tell from a warm up video. You have anything in game where you are trying to throw the ball hard??

Balance point needs some practice
You are falling forward rather than driving
you are short arming the ball a bit
stride looks a little short for your height
Arm seems really slow

The are a bunch of drills you can do for the things I see.

Wrecked-elbow pretty much got it right. No wonder you have good control since you’re short aiming it. It’s like watching darts. The good news is you can gain a lot more velocity if you learn the proper mechanics.

I suggest you look at some pro videos and try to adapt some key parts of their delivery into yours. You may experience a drastic loss of “control” in the beinning when you start pitching properly but you should be fine after you get used to it. The control should come back eventually.

I noticed this in the second video…you need to finish of that curve ball. Watch where your hand stops on a fastball and then watch a curve ball. You stop a least a foot short of finishing the curve.

i also think you are short arming the ball a little. thats probably because you start with your hands up so high, so your arm doesn’t have enough time to catch up with your body. you overcompinsate which is prolly what causes the short arming.