Soon to be College Student with TJ. Any advice helps

So i am recent high school grad, going on to school at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Ca. I have had two surgeries now. In June of 2011 i had a calcium buildup that had to be microscopically shaved off. A very minor procedure. Came back strong but tore my UCL playing in high school of 2012. I still played through the year and had TJ in June 2012. I am currently rehabbing, hoping to gain my abilities on the mound again. I also would like to play at Pepperdine, but competition is tough and there are not a lot of spots. I have already spoke with the coach and we will continue talking when I arrive on campus. But tryouts are in September, and if i can’t make the team I can’t continue to rehab on campus. My goal is to baseball at Pepperdine. Any advice? Tips?

Oh and i updated my signature so below were my velocities before the injury

Well I hate to burst your bubble but there’s no way you’ll be ready to throw by September that’s only 3 months post op, it takes a MLB guy who has all the resources at his finger tips 8 months if he’s lucky.

I would suggest going to the High School Baseball Web and post this question in their recruiting section of their message boards you might get some good advice and develop a few contacts who might be able to help you. There’s a kid there his screen name is JH he’s going through post op TJ as a College SR he might be able to give you some sound advice.

Seems like you could red-shirt. Recover and try to come back next year.

Only way he could red shirt is if he’s on the team, the Coach would essentially offer him a walk on spot and then red shirt him.

Like I said go to the Recruiting portion of the HSBBW they have guys over threw who know the NCAA rules inside out, it’ll be your best bet

Yeah unfortunately I won’t have any opportunity to showcase my abilities for quite some time. Thank you for all the advice Wales Diesel. It is much appreciated. I’ll be sure to post this in the HSBBW and see what other tips i can get.

I think with your size and past velocity numbers, any coach would consider red shirting. Unless of course, he had never seen you throw prior to your injury.

Yeah the problem is they haven’t. A few teams in their division have, but sill a coach probably isn’t going to take some random 18 year olds word that he was throwing low 90’s.

Where’d your post go on the HSBBW? I saw it the other day and now I can’t find it?

It was accidentally deleted by my little brother so I have to repost it again.

Good stuff, be patient on the reaponses, it might take a little time before someone chimes in since guys are out playing and Coaching, but I’m thinking you should get a response in the next little while.