Sons skin on toe tearing open

Has anyone had or know of anyone who’s had the skin on that bone on the outside of they’re big toe rip open from certain mounds and what they used to protect that area? I believe it’s coming from the concrete under certain mounds. My son has had this issue on some mounds and it becomes very uncomfortable to pitch when his skin rips open there. I know there’s tuff toe but I believe that’s more of a cleat Protection I’m wondering if there’s any type of actual toe guards out there. Thanks!

I’ve heard some players complain about this uncomfortable feeling after grinding their pivot foot’s toe into the dirt or concrete on some pitcher mounds. A way to avoid that is the have your son collapse on the instep of his pivot foot, while driving down the mound - thus relieving his turning motion with the toe of his pivot foot. Also, if he’s using some of these sneaker baseball spikes, the construction of the sneaker can be so thin as to provide little if any support.

There’s a product called TOUGH TOE. It’s actually attached to the toe of the spike on the pivot foot.

I’ve had some guys that actually used something like this -but, the attachment became more of a hassle than anything. They complained about the thing constantly coming off, or nearly so. Adhesives and other attachment devices seem to last for just so long. Some even complained the thing was a distraction at times.

I would suggest trying one of those things on an old pair of spikes. You can find some old baseball spikes at a Goodwill Store, Salvation Army Thrift Store, rummage sales, yard sales, tag sales and the like.

Maybe try pads for corns:

Google search

He’s tried bandaids but sweat usually makes them come off, i’ll Try this suggestion though, thanks.