Son's shoulder front side is sore


his shoulder starting hurting during practice last night, Tuesday. Of course, he continued to throw and didn’t tell me until after we got home. It is hurting on the front of his shoulder where the red dot is on my fine artwork. it hurts if I hold his arm and he tries to pull his arm forward in a throwing motion or if he puts his hands together in front of him and pushes them together. it hurts if I gently squeeze it. He threw a bull pen of about 45 pitches on Wednesday, Saturday and again on Monday. Practice when it started hurting was last night, Tuesday. This morning Wednesday it was still hurting. Any ideas on what it could be? We have been throwing for about a month when weather allowed, two times a week.


Sorry to hear about your son’s arm troubles. Is he doing any tubing or lightweight dumbbell rotator cuff/shoulder exercises? Did he do that throughout the off-season?


3 bullpens within about 5-6 days is too much. If he has any mechanical issues then those coupled with too many pens could certainly cause an issue. Sounds like he needs to give his shoulder a rest to see if the pain goes away. Then ease back into it to see if the pain returns. A mechanics assessment as well as a functional strength and flexibility assessment would also be in order.


we started at the beginning of January doing light weight exercises and tubing on the same day 3 times a week. We work out at the gym and he focuses on doing reps instead of maxing out on weight. He doesn’t normally do 3 bullpens in 5-6 days. It only happened this time because the first one was delayed due to rain. Yesterday by 10 or 11 am, he said his shoulder had quit hurting completely. when he got home yesterday I poked and prodded his shoulder and had him put his hands together and push against each other while moving them left and right and up and down. Nothing, no pain, no discomfort. only got a tickle when I was poking his shoulder. I’m guessing/hoping that it was just muscle soreness from the 3 bullpens and practice. I will keep an eye on him and make sure to pay more attention to the scheduling/timing of bullpens. thanks for the help. One other thing, he hasn’t gotten to play much the last 3 years, the last two he had a broken bone in his foot and then a bruise/sprain on the same bone. before that he had gallbladder problems that ended up being caused by his reflux medicine. All that to say I think he is still behind on his overall and shoulder conditioning. we are going to wait until Saturday to throw again and see how it goes and we will report back here. Sorry for the long book.


Hopefully it does turn out to be nothing.

Regarding shoulder conditioning, once you know for sure his shoulder is healthy, you might want to consider the NPA’s velocity program. This program was initially developed as a shoulder health program that turned out to increase velocity as a byproduct. It helps strengthen the shoulder and eliminate imbalances front to back. The program has been reviewed and approved by the faculty at the USC College of Medicine. And more than 2000 pitchers have gone through the program without any injuries. I can send you some links if you’re interested.


Yes definitely send me the links. thanks.


On Friday, we threw 45 pitches, not counting a long easy warm-up session. No soreness, sensitiveness, etc. My son is 11 and I think he got muscle workout soreness and thought it was hurt. He has had 3 friends hurt their shoulders or elbows and he is always worrying about it. I WILL pay more attention to spacing out his bullpens and not let weather force us to jam to many to close together. When Roger posts the links, I will look at that program.


Here’s the NPA website.

And here’s the official Velocity Plus Arm Care website.

The program is pricey but it is effective, safe and produces positive results. They all but guarantee a minimum of a 4 mph gain. Even the guys in the low 90’s are able to gain and get into the upper 90’s.

In fairness, I am an NPA-certified instructor. But I don’t get anything from making the above recommendations (unless you were to use me to administer the program for you and you’d have to come to Phoenix for that. :wink: )


Great news. he pitched 2 1/3 innings last Thursday. He struck out 2 and walked one in the first. he picked off the walked batter. in the second he struck out 4, catcher dropped the third strike on the second. in the third he struck out the first and got tired facing the second batter so I pulled him. he said that he wasn’t tired but he started struggling with his form so I went ahead and pulled him while he still had a good feeling about his first pitching in 3 years due to the problems listed in the post above. he is so excited about the game tonight that we had to give him a Benadryl last night so he could go to sleep. He will either come in in relief tonight or pitch Thursday. if he doesn’t pitch tonight, should I have him do a little long toss after the game tonight?


If he doesn’t pitch tonight, I would have him throw a light bullpen of about 20-25 pitches and follow that with some light cardio work.

Also, just noticed your son is 11. I’m not sure if they’d recommend the Velocity Plus program for someone that young. If you think you’re interested, check on that first. Or let me know and I’ll find out.