Son's Pitching Mechanics - Tips/Advice Much Appreciated


I have been going through this website and have learned quite a bit from the wealth of experience on this site. Well I would certainly appreciate having a look at my sons mechanic’s and what he could improve on. His is not a flame thrower by any means but if we could get a little more velocity on his FB simply by making some mechanical corrections then that would be great.

Appreciate any advice, drills, or tips

Gods Bless


Solid delivery. Two suggestions to get you started:

  1. I’d like to see him be more deliberate and consistent with his pivot foot placement along the front of the rubber. A lot of pitchers look down as the step back or to the side to make sure their pivot foot turns and comes down in the same spot every time.

  2. I’d like to see him be more erect with his posture as opposed to leaning back. Try to keep the chest over the feet, instead of leaning back like this:


Out of curiosity, how often is he throwing off the portable mound at home?


Good Morning and thank you for the tips. During the season he usually throws BP maybe 1x a week since he plays 1 game during the week then another on Saturday.

Steve, I can see what you mean about not being consistent with his pivot foot placement. Does it look to you like he is making an effort coming down the mound with some momentum? I have had him start doing the Hershiser Drill to improve his mechanics.


I agree with Steven’s comments especially regarding posture. While I agree about foot positioning, I wouldn’t be overly concerned given that the pitcher is throwing off of a portable mound that is small enough to limit/alter his movements.

I would also suggest keeping an eye on his glove to make sure he doesn’t get soft or sloppy. In the video, it appears to come close to floating out to the side. Have him firm it up and stabilize it somewhere in front of his torso.


Easy…you are questioning an ex-MLBer and the owner of the site. It’s probably a good time to sit back and read a while, and learn who’s who before you offer too much advice or question what advice is given…and welcome. There’s a world of information here and quite a few very knowledgeable members. I’m a novice and it’s like a elementary school student taking a graduate class.


You are so right. I interpreted you post as questioning the validity rather than initiating a discussion. I certainly never said that being a pro made someone perfect, that was your inference. Carry on.