Son's mechanics....control issues



This was taken today. He was improved mechanically with practice. Still a work in progress.




it looks like david price’s mechanics. this is amazing


Thank you for that. A lot of hard work and help from the wise members here. He still is too aggressive in his arm action and his control still isn’t where it needs to be but he is getting better, just look at the improvement from the earlier videos when he was nine.


Where do you live??? That accent sounds so familiar:slight_smile:




SEGA here.


I like a lot of what he does. His stride foot is still in the air as his arm is in high cock. His control will likely improve drastically when he gets his foot down earlier. It is ok for this to take a few years to get in line. He doesn’t have to be the greatest 10 year old pitcher in the world. It would be good to have it fixed by the time he is 13 though.

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Yes…number one thing we are working on


This is a good position here. See the slight bend in his throwing arm in this position? Try to have him keep this bend throughout the rest of the arm swing; so, instead of pushing the ball straight back toward second base (which just straightens out his entire arm), have him think of pulling his elbow (from this position) up and behind him, like he is pulling a bow or doing a one-arm row. The idea is, he wants to keep his hand below the height of his elbow for a longer period of time. What he is currently doing, is pushing his hand straight back and turning his hand up into the high cocked position.

Here is a good example of his hand going straight back and starting to turn up. Look at Chapman below as a comparison…

As far as his control issues, I would say the biggest adjustment he can make is with his eyes. He needs to change his focus. Right now, he is not even looking at his target AT ALL from the moment he swings his arm up until just AFTER release. He needs to burn a hole in the target with his eyes throughout the entire delivery. Then, if he is consistently missing to a certain location, he can adjust by changing his line of vision a bit higher, lower, left, or right. Here are a couple of pics to show he is not focusing on the target…

I hope that helps!


this might help


Very nice all around. It’s already been said, but I’d focus on tucking that chin here during the arm cocking phase:

Keep up the great work!


Verbiage is paramount. Everything that is communicated comes out in form of an individuals interpretation to through physical mechanical movements. So everything that is over exaggerated…the ‘staying back’ and faulty cues lesser experienced coaches offer, shine through in inefficiencies in the use of correct energy towards the plate.

Of course they could all be corrected individual, symptom covering, and leave the pitcher with a somewhat smooth delivery but lack of understanding of what was fixed in the first place.

Break down everything that is literally said so that one can decipher how it was interpreted. This is a key to coaching.

With that being said…you can ask others to give feedback on mechanics, but the end all is the communication of what was said. So…backside loaded, keep the eyes up and chin down, smooth rhythm through delivery and aggressive through release not ‘to release’.


So much better. For his control issues have his head on the target like many others have said. His arm action has improved greatly and is much more efficient. Have you noticed him throwing harder? I would think he would after fixing his timing. One recommendation is to have him move a bit earlier in his leg lift and not try to “balance”.


You hear a lot of pitching coaches talk about balance. They usually want you to raise the front foot -knee and balance on back foot for extended time. Just practice that and balance for like 5 seconds holding it. He looks to be racing quickly to home. Its difficult for 9yr olds try it. Plus they say to bring they glove and ball to chin. I’m not a professional so hopefully some chime in. The other thing I hear a lot is keeping it simple at this age. Good luck!


Reahing a balance point is pointless. You are lifting your leg then putting it back down right where it was, making it just a wasted movement. What you want to do is getting moving early and inside the drive leg while closing off the hips. It should look like this:

Obviously you dont have to lift the leg nearly as high, but carl edward is doing a good job getting moving and closing the hips


Ok got it. Twisting and driving torso towards target Before drive leg finishes cock and reverse its motion. I skiing we called initiation . Starting or positioning next move before last move finish. Pre counter the rotation for head start so when drive leg goes it there. Were eliminating the pause balance drill. Thanks


Great! Glad you understand👍🏻


My son is now 11 years old and he still working hard at it.
He just broke 60 for the first time yesterday with 62 mph.
I will try to get the latest video posted.
Fun watching him grow up.