Son's first HighSchool Game

I am definitely a proud pop. I watched my young 13yr old eighth grader pitch his first AAu game and he was very impressive. He threw 9 pitches and got 3 outs. I didn’t think he would get to pitch but he came in for a relief appearance and was very effective. HE got a huge compliment and was on cloud 9. This really boosted his confidence since he is one of only two eight graders on his Frosh HighSchool team. :lol:

Now since he made this team he wants to keep working his change up. His fastball is currently at 73-74 tops and cruises at about 70. He understands the importance of changing speeds but he still feels if he throws a change it will get roped. He was throwing it effectively for a while and we have been straying away from the curveball.

I personally watched the opposing team and they had some very studly pitchers. Some of these 9th graders are huge nowadays!

[quote=“baseballbum”]He understands the importance of changing speeds but he still feels if he throws a change it will get roped.[/quote]Tell him to keep it down. Also, the timing of it is an issue. If a kid is pulling his best fastball foul down the 3rd base line for a right handed batter, the change can be effective. My son had this happen last summer in a tournament where a kid nailed him over the fence foul and my son threw a low change that got the batter very far ahead of the ball on the next swing.

If the batter is consistently late on his fastball, you may be just doing him a favour by throwing a changeup. Although I have seen times where the coach yells for him to be a little quicker next time and a change worked because the kid jumped out of his skin to be quicker. Head games. No guarantees.

DM59, the armspeed is there and he usually thows the changeup low and away but I think he was intimidated by the sheer height and strength of these 9th garders. I must admit they looked like a Varisty Team!!!

I think he had confidence with the pitch against kids hig age in Tourney’s but HighSchool is a different ballgame. We’ll see how it goes.

Just remember, it’s about the process , not the short term results !

Always have and always will. We always set goals for him and making the Freshman team as an eigthr grader was one of them. He has a list that he keeps on his wall and so far he has about 5 items checked. Plenty to learn and plenty of new things to learn.