Son's first game as pitcher

He normally plays outfield and first, but he was excited about the opportunity. As you can see he is pretty raw. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


looks really good for that being his first time out. its kinda hard to take to much info about his mechanics though when hes that young. id say try and work on his movement to home plate. if you look when he start going to plate his weight is on top of his front leg try and get him to slow down a little and not throw himself to home. i use to pitch like that in little league to…easily fixable but dont try and teach him to much all at once. its best to give ideas and let him come along, he has to feel what hes doing before he can know how to fix it.

How old is this young man?

Thanks Jake for the tip.

Roger - He’s 10.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything of his recent outings as this one was taken in the summer. He’s still a tooth pick so I’m not rushing him on anything really. Just want an outsider’s view. I’ll hopefully have video of him from this weekend.

How tall is he? looks like a left-handed version of me.

The comment in the video about the kids yawning was funny. :lol:

But, seriously, I think your son looks pretty good - especially for his first time pitching and being only 10 years old. I really like his glove side. He extends his glove arm out front in what appears to be a good opposite and equal position with the throwing arm and then he turns the glove over and stabilizes it in front of his chest bringing his chest to the glove.

My biggest concern would be posture. As your son rotates into release, he tilts the head and shoulders to the glove side a little too much for my liking. It’s not real bad right now but I’d hate to see it deteriorate into something worse.

Maybe you remember the ace pitcher from Curacao in the Little League World Series a few years ago. I’m guessing you’re in Hawaii and I think Hawaii had a team in that series. Anyway, that pitcher really tilted his head and shoulders to the side. And he recently had Tommy John surgery. Now, I don’t know if his posture was the entire cause of his injury (those kids seem to throw too many curves) but I’m sure it contributed. I’m not trying to scare you and I’m not trying to imply your son is anywhere near having aninjury. But I think now is a good time to nip that bad habit in the bud.

Because your son is so young, I wouldn’t get too carried away with things. Sometimes us adults can turn kids’ fun into a chore. But as you deem it appropriate to work on things, stick to working on one change at a time. In the long run, I’d recommend working on a higher knee lift and more momentum (leading with the front hip) which should result in more effective use of his body as well as a longer stride. You could start on these things once you’ve corrected the postural issue but keep in mind that given how tall and thin you son is, he probably lacks the core strength to do this well right now. So set your expectations appropriately. One thing you can do to make it easier for him is to have him start with a slight bend in his knees and waist to lower his center of gravity (a free-throw shooting position). This will put him into a more athletic posture - one that he will have better strength to support through the delivery.

I’d also recommend continual work on 1st baseman skills since he’s tall and left-handed. :wink:

He’s short at about 5ft., but the wide view camcorder makes him look tall. Thanks for the great advice Roger! He’s worked on his leg lift and stride a little, but the posture thing is something we’ll look into. Yeah, I won’t rush him as lucky he’s one of about 10 pitchers on a team of 14. Although only 8 know the strike zone and only 4 can bring some little kid heat including my boy. No one is allowed to throw anything besides the fastball & change up and pitch counts are taken.

We Hawaii guys always talk funny so even when we yell at the kids its more hilarious than serious…

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Just to be clear, it was LavaR0ck who said that - not me. :flush:

I could just imagine a kid in the outfield yawning, picking grass and throwing it into the wind, chasing a butterfly. Isn’t youth baseball is great?! :wink:

Okay, he pitched today and from the video I looked at it is nearly identical except for a higher leg lift. The stride remained about the same. But, the posture thing was really evident. I can see how he rushes. So, I’ll have him try lowering his center of gravity and see how that goes.

Also, any advice on how to slow him down or better his timing so as not to rush? Does this question make sense…

When you do that, make sure he bends his knees as much, if not more, than his waist. Kids, when left to their own, usually tend to bend at the waist and not at the knees but that creates balance issues.

when he finishes the pitch on his follow through. have him take his throwing hand to the glove hand side of his body above his waist. that should put less stress on his arm.

Thanks Roger! That was what I was seeing, but couldn’t figure why he was bending at his waist so much.

Thanks Dusty! In his latest outing his hand did end up higher by about waist high on the glove side.

We’ll see how this weekend goes…

Looks great for his first time out, like it was said before good glove side. Only thing I think he could work on right away is lifting his right leg to the waist or above, right now barely comes up at all. Taller leg I think he will get more momentum to the plate.

Wow, He looks really good for his first time.
He even takes some seconds to focus on the catcher’s glove. Only one remark, when he lifts his front leg higher he might be able to get some more speed behind the ball.