Son pitching mechanics analysis?

11 year old lefty… thoughts…

Good balance, could use more hip drive (hersheiser drill), very nice stride length, well done getting a flat back, could use a little faster and more explosive hip turn after the foot strike and nice glove side mechanics even though he could pull more with that side of the body (this is linked with a faster action of the hips and trunk though)

For an 11 yr old he looks great, like to see him from the 1st base side, kinda hard to see all the action from that side.

he definetly has great mechanics especially for a 11 year old. the only thing i see that really pops out is he leads with his leg wich is killing velocity. like buwhite said, check out the hershiser drill that helped me a WHOLE lot on getting the hips more involved in the driving part and this really made it easier on my arm to achieve better velocity.

He breaks his hands way too early. He needs to hold on to the ball longer in his glove - as he moves down the mound (leading with his hips), his hands should move down his body and break around the waist. This way, when his ball hand comes out, his hand will move down, back, and up. Right now, he breaks his arms up by his chest during his initial movement down the mound. He then pushes his ball hand straight back rather than down. Due to this action, he gets his arm up into throwing position to early - he has to wait for his body to catch up and he is therefore not utilizing his body’s momentum to deliver the ball.

Thank you for the feedback that kid has been working hard on his mechanics on a almost daily basis

What he throws.

4 seam
2 seam
and a ONCE IN A BLUE MOON curveball

Everything cuts into a RHB hands for the most part.

Very good observations on both of these accounts. They happen simultaneously. Check out how high his lead foot is above the surface when it starts to move outward.

[quote=“structuredoc”]…as he moves down the mound (leading with his hips), his hands should move down his body and break around the waist.[/quote]…and good follow up advice.

May I add one more thing, at the risk of having too many things at once? As he does begin to move the hips better and longer, and he breaks his hands later, he needs to get up and onto that front leg as he rotates the hips then shoulders more fully (OK, that’s 2 things). Fuller hip rotation after better momentum forward/down the mound, may just allow this to happen. Right now, he starts off with good looking rotation but it kind of stops. Check out how, in the first angle, he’s able to simply stand up after release and the back leg/foot just comes down behind the front one. I’d suggest that a little more momentum and rotating over and on top of the front leg will allow for freer, longer rotation of the shoulders.

Thanks for the input guys. My kids been working with an Ex MLB lefty and I brought up a few things to him. He agreed on the seperation but wanted to addressthat at a later date to fix. He did agree as well on the hip lead. He feel that the hiop lead should not be a dramitic one though. If the hip pushes greatly than everything else has to catch up. the hip should lean slightly but the weight should remain at a 60/40 split.

The kid has come a LONG way and is improving every session.

Glove side view from this evening

more video from last night… Any opinions ???

He looks really good for 11.
One thing that may help with his drive is to transition from the high balance point to a low balance point before striding. This will allow more time for his hips to shift forward into his stride. It will also give his hands slightly more time for separation.

Thanks for the kind words… He’s pitching on sat in his league play…

Ill take some video if i can

No offence, but I dont like his mechanics at all. Is he taking lessons?. There is not glide in him. He has NO leg down then glide. He goes straight from leg up to step out. I dont like it at all.
If you watch Clayton Kershaw, he will even pause a second at the leg down and then glide out.

Dont mean to be rude, I may be wrong, but it seems like a huge mistake.