Son Pitching everything down


My son just turned 15 and right now we are having a big problem. He plays for a 16/17 showcase team and when he gets his chance on the mound, he throws everything low. I am not a pitching coach and I want to help him, but I just don’t know how too. When he does this, we get frustrated at each other and makes it even worse. This only happens in a game, in a bull pen or warming up, its lights out. Help me!


I made this post some time ago, relative to another issue, but perhaps it will be of assistance here.

If you’re having some problems with locating your pitches, perhaps, indirectly your backstop is influencing you in subtle ways.

One of the most influential ways that a backstop can have you pitching down in the dirt is to be so far back from the plate - possibly being apprehensive of the swinging bat. Being so far behind the plate can be unnoticed by the pitcher because of the distance of better than 60 feet away. It’s very hard to judge a distance that actually works for you as a pitcher, but excessive distances from the plate will definitely get you - pitch after pitch, cause you problems.

Also, a very low glove position can have you driving your pitch into the ground. Sometimes without realizing it, your backstop can position his mitt so low that you inadvertently target that mitt- but, because you’re over 60 feet away, the downward trajectory is just too “downward.”

Another example. Let’s say you pitch is to be outside. If your backstop positions himself too outside, you’re targeting something that is off the plate without realizing it.

So the next time you’re just not cutting it for whatever reason(s), think about your backstop’s influences behind the plate.

Now I’m not suggesting a blame game here, nor am I suggesting how to coach backstops. Coaching backstops I am NOT qualified to do. Just be mindful of the subtleties that can influence you, pitch after pitch.


Another common result of hitting too low, is to be very upright with the release and finish of your pitching motion. I’ve had pitchers who have some sort of lumbar trouble - sleeping on a poor mattress, long bus rides then activated within hours after getter off the bus, motel window air conditioners blower right across their shoulders at night, sprains and stiffness because of a minor mishap and so on. I had one pitcher that, every once and a while, bunked with a guy that grinded his teeth all night long. When those two bunked together - my guy was DOA in the bullpen.

Besides the obvious of a poor pitching cycle (mechanics) just the slightest incidentals impacting your boy’s attitude can drastically impose problems.

Post some video if you can and let’s take a look,


Thank you. I believe I have several videos of him from the side angle and behind. I will upload and let you take a look. Do I just upload them back to this topic?


Yes. .Just follow the instructions for uploading video to this particular posting that you made.


If there is flat ground bullpen before the game and transition to the mound you can get alot of pitches in the dirt. Warm up at 62 instead of 60 to compensate for the angle change. Your pitches will be more elevated.