Son is starting out, advice

So I have started giving my 9 year old son pitching lessons with a pitching coach. My son really seems to enjoy it and does well in game situations. What should I be working on with him at this age and what to avoid?

His team baseball coaches are more throwers than pitchers and figure that if you hold the 4 seam fastball correctly then that is all you need to know to pitch. His pitching coach has other things in mind, like mechanics, warm up, long toss, and wants him to throw a 2 seam FB.

Just wondering what the conventional wisdom is for this age group and to keep him interested and healthy. To his team coach’s credit, he watches pitch count very closely and doesn’t let kids throw more than 40 pitches in a game and then there is two days of rest.

Thanks in advance,

Fun…dementals and fun…9 is a time where a kid needs to learn properly, and not be too serious…many miles to go. Let him have the best memories and a smile. Just let him learn at his pace and learn correctly…things will take care of things… :smiley:
A coach is good for fundementals, may or may not be necessary…but heck it’s your money and at least he isn’t teaching him ballet (Not good on a pitching site :shock: ).

The NPA has just updated its website, and in their infinite wisdom they reprinted an article which is absolutely MUST reading for anyone working with kids at this stage of the game. It’s called something like “DAD, ARE YOU TOO MUCH OVER THE TOP?”, and it goes into pretty horrifying detail about what can happen to a young pitcher when a well-meaning parent or coach starts messing around with the kid’s natural delivery. And there’s a companion piece to go with it, which should also be reprinted—I’m going to contact NPA and suggest that they do this. It’s called “TAKE ME OUT OF THE BALL GAME”—more of the same, and it goes into how a kid lost all interest in the game because of the wrong kind of coaching.
I’m glad to see that this one has a good pitching coach who will NOT mess with a natural delivery but who will focus on the elements of good mechanics. Go to it! :slight_smile:

a few years ago I had the pleasure of learning how to coach youth pitching from Bob Cluck(look him up). He summed it up very simply. His first point was only throw from the stretch. His point was there is no proof that a child get’s any added velocity from the wind, and it is waisted energy, and affects balance. 3 things need to be worked.

  1. proper grip 4 or 2 seam

  2. proper balance while stationary, and during kick

  3. landing with hips closed off to hitter

and tell them to throw across the plate. that simple. This in his own words only took him 30+ years in the bigs to figure out. Last season I won the 9/10 year old pony baseball championship. I had my 2 stud protected pitchers and used this to develop 3 other boys who could throw strikes. I ve seen a kid get to much information and over think when on the mound. at 9 years old he should just be throwing. The art of Pitching is developed over a long period of time.