Son is new to pitching

My son (9 years old) got on a friends team for the fall (rec team but playing up) and he was planning on catching for his friend. But, turns out 3 of the best pitchers on the team aren’t playing this fall. So the Coach had all the kids throw at the first practice and my son was throwing the hardest of the bunch. So now he’s the #2 pitcher, surprise.

He pitched 2 innings in the first game and did pretty well, struck out the first 2 batters he faced but then walked a couple and got a little sidetracked with the runners. Overall not bad but most important he had a good time.

My problem is I’ve coached him up through machine pitch but I’m no pitching coach and this is rec ball so we only have team practice once a week. I’ve done what I can on the side but don’t have the eye for what he’s doing. Velocity doesn’t seem to be the issue but control can be. He hit 53 on the gun out at the Royals stadium outfield experience recently, but he doesn’t throw that hard when he’s out there pitching.

I taped him practicing, he was a little tired at this point and it was about to rain and we were in a hurry to finish. Can you guys take a look, I want to make sure he’s not going to hurt something and maybe work on a little more control. Seems like he reaches back with his body and that keeps his right shoulder down but I don’t know what that does. Thanks for looking. We’ll have to look into a PC for next year if he still likes it.

  1. speed up the leg lift
    pitching is explosive and powerful there is nothing slow about a delivery

2)get his stride and momentum straight down the target line
his stride is lateral toward first base so his hips are open during the entire delivery meaning he’s slinging with just his arm

3)rear leg needs to drive down that target line

4)follow through with the trunk (trunk flexion) should be as much down the target line as possible given that he’s also rotating (sometimes intentionally throwing the ball straight into the ground helps with this feeling)

I would also suggest cleats so his feet can establish a firm base. Balance is key to a pitching delivery. Slipping around on sneakers does not help a pitcher establish this dynamic balance.

All of the points made by Coach Paul are good points.

One of the biggest things I see is lack of balance. He looks like he may fall at any moment. He needs to maintain balance throughout finish.