Something I Take Pride Of haha

MC Hammer Lives in my town :lol: Its pretty cool cuz ill see him at random places like the other day i saw him and that other guy from that monday night football commercial with the beeping pager and waking up on monday knowing football will be on later at Home Depot. His Nephew is in my graduating class in School so Hes at all the Sports game its pretty tight. Just saw the commercial again so it inspired me to write this haha Anybody live in a town with famous or hasbeens around

MC Hammer is awesome. FYI he’s a Rays fan. :smiley: along with Chris Rock and Kevin Costner :smiley:

This area is the home area of Lynard Skynard and Molly Hatchet and 38 Special, I’ve met and know folks from each of those bands…mostly they are so incoherent from too much…well everything…but some of them are nice enough fellas…I used to hang out at a batting cage with the drummer of 38 Special (He was married to Ronnie Van Zant’s widow…the lead singer of Lynard Skynard who died in a plane crash) and one of the guys who used to work with me played bass with Molly Hatchet when they went on tour…just hadn’t played on any of their albums. In the late 80’s early 90’s I was very much involved in bringing cellular communications into this area and met a whole bunch of celebraties, actors…even some wrestlers…some were cool and impressive the rest were b o o b s…I wondered how some didn’t kill themselves getting dressed in the morning.

Yeah MC’s cool he’ll talk with ya and stuff. Everyones not like upsesd cuz all the locals are used to it. Im not gona lie first couple times i saw him in person my heart raised a little haha.

ive seen snoop dog at the chicks in chino hills here in california loads of times…HE DRIVES A YELLOW HUMMER

So much drama in the LBC kinda hard bein snoop d o double g haha. MC has a big ol black hummer.