Somehow...every year..they cut your heart out

Why is this not surprising?

That I believe will be the end of Zambrano as a Cub.

I apologize to any young person watching this…it isn’t how it ought to be and Brenly applauding the “emotion” at the end…sad…so sad.

I think I better start a Cub fan sorrow encounter group. :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be the end of Z’s career with the Cubs. In fact, it could be the end of his career in the majors unless some team desparate for pitching decides to take a chance with him.

Really, from what I could see in the clips they showed on Sport Center, it looked like Z gave up two hits down the lines followed by the homer. Early in the game, the corners aren’t protecting the line like they might be late in the game. Those hits were flukes. But it was the homer that put him over the top and caused him to pop. Z needed to “man up” and take responsibility instead of pointing the finger at his teammates.

What I was dissapointed in was nobody hid the Gatorade coolers. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Cubs are on life support…I should know…their roommate is the Pittsburgh Pirates and I’ve been sitting by their bedside for 17 years now watching the dialysis machine keep them alive while the doctors collect the medicare payments. What the Cubs need is what the Pirates need, an owner that cares about winning, a general manager that knows what the heck he’s doing, a manager that isn’t just collecting a paycheck and 24 other players that give a crap about winning.

I give Zambrano an A+ for his give a crap factor…If baseball is to survive the “life after steroids era” then they are going to have to embrace guys like Zambrano who infuse excitement into the game. As long as it’s real and not WWF acting, then I say, “It is a Mexican bullfight and I am rooting for the bull!”


Marischall was as firey…not as much press exposure back then…can’t hide it now.
If you recall, the last time they went to the play-offs they were in the same sort of a malaise when Lou went off got suspended for a couple of games and turned it around…this year…like a fart on a constipated man…lots of noise…not much comes of it and it all stinks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good commentary Dino!

I agree with the basic idea that all players need to “give a crap”, but Zambrano’s tantrum didn’t help anyone–not himself, not his team, not the fans…well, maybe it helps the tabloid media stay in business.

But it looked to me like Zambrano was bringing his personal load of crap into the dugout and throwing it right into the fan…so it could get all over everybody.

What if the entire 25 man roster “gave a crap” like that, all at the same time…it would be like Night of the Living Dead on Amphetamines. So…only one or two “leaders” should bring that kind of motivation?

It is very unproductive to disrespect your teammates like that…it can’t lead to anything good.

For his sake, I hope Big Z is really a big enough man to apologize to all his coaches and his teammates for that spectacle.

Doesn’t Zambrano have a mega contract though?

Well, while we are at it…we might as well discuss Upton and Longoria… :slight_smile:

I understand laflippin’s opinion and I think an apology is in order but I don’t think it was a bad thing at all. Team chemistry is what it’s all about and a few hot heads or fireballs or nutcases can actually motivate a team in malaise. A few…not a whole team full. You think Ty Cobb maybe was disrespectful of a few teammates? Some of them were probably happy he didn’t kill them.

Zambrano publicly blew off some steam…for that he will pay a price. To pretend this stuff doesn’t happen out of the public view is hiding the human condition. This kinda stuff offers us a chance to teach our morals, our ethics, our way to our children. We can hold Zambrano up and say…“see that…that’s a guy that really cares about winning…that’s the kind of fire you need to have for the game.” Or we can instruct, “see that…that’s embarrassing…pathetic and the kind of lack of control I don’t expect you to ever display on a baseball field…to do that disrespects your teammates and the game.”

I believe I’ve stood in the living room of many families like Victor Zambrano’s. There’s alot of arguing on a constant basis…and lots of laughing, it’s an aggressive environment of eat or be eaten. Not everbody can be a Derek Jeter. It’s what makes the world go round and frankly it’s refreshing to me to see true feelings expressed rather than the kind of cotton candy that guys like Alex Rodriquez spew every time they open their mouth.

The entire episode was under control…no one was ever in jeopardy of being assaulted. And even then, if it’s mutual combat…I say let them establish a pecking order and then fall in line. :shock:

Speaking of spectacles…

Yes Johnny, Carlos has a huge contract…so did Milton Bradley. Cubs got no qualms flushin money down the toilet.
I think I didn’t communicate very well at the start of the thread. I’m an enthusiastic participant in the game of life and baseball, my emotions are generally not subtle. I want my baseball tinted with Charlie Hustles and Mark Fydriches…Dave Kingman was not near the heroic individual he could have been had he added passion to his game. We need it…Dino knows…he grew up watching Bobbby Clemente (Oh thats right they finally let him latinize his name to Roberto)…he had a bit of passion is his play. My sadness or resigned disgust at this is due to this being the only passion in that particular dugout…Lou is, in every way you look at it…going through the motions…his vaunted passion (Noted in the above clip by Dino) is now just a tired old man, tired of seeing the passion and he ought to go hang out and catch a trout or something.
Carlos is childish…it comes with the contract…his wasn’t a display of passion that could have motivated…it was a fit…a spoiled kids tirade at failure…something he hasn’t had to deal with in his life. They didn’t tell him to be a “Cub” was to HAVE to deal with loss and losing. I really thought this kid had the shoulders to take the team past it…instead he just fell in it.

Mariano Rivera once said something in an interview, to the effect that while it’s all right to show some emotion on the mound you never, NEVER disrespect a team or the game. It’s unfortunate that Carlos Zambrano, fine pitcher that he is, chose to behave like a four-year-old and throw a tantrum that resulted in his suspension. Whether it means the end for him or not, nobody knows. I will say this—the guy has some very, very serious anger-management issues that have to be addressed if he’s to have another chance. Oh, I know, players and (more often) managers do get ejected from games, usually for disputing ball-and-strike issues which one is not supposed to do—but this was too much. :roll:

That’s it. This was the big “outburst” I’ve been reading about? What’s sad to me is this is where we are at as a society. When I was young I saw our Lutheran pastor have bigger outburst than that at the pulpit.

One of the main reasons I took my son out of rec league sports is because it teaches them to be soft. It’s funny, our HS team has won a few state championships over the years, but now all our coach does is spend a lot of time complaining how the players now don’t seem to care.

This is the essence of my disgust…Zambrano likely would have had a nice fist fight on one of the old Yankee squads from ages gone by…but nobody would have noticed but the NY Times…they just expected folks to be “BOUGHT INTO THE DAGGONE PROGRAMMMMMM” to be a TEAM MATE AND CARE IF YOU WIN!!! I’m a Stinkin Cub fan…not a thing I can do to change that…cut me…it’s budwieser…I mean blue…oh I wanted to love Finleys A’s…and I was very interested in the Yanks when Mattingly and Winfield held sway…but nooooooooooooooooooooooo…every time it’s them Cubbies…you cheer, you care…you dream, you fight, you have PASSION!!!
IT FRIGGIN MEANS SOMETHING!!!…it means you have integrity, it means you are true to your word and your friends…fire the whole damn crew…get 25 minor leaguers who still dream…let em rock and rock with some old guy who gets it like Leyland…and just see what happens.

Perhaps you can pursuade the Ricketts family to stop counting their revenue long enough to care about the cubbies winning again…At an estimated worth of 900 million, the Chicago Cubs generate mega million cash from ticket sales, concessions, sponsorships and cable television all while owning their own ballpark. I mean, dang if a billionaire family forks out 900 million for a baseball team that they admittedly just started following in the 1980’s…there must be money to be made…or maybe they just wanted to win an election. :roll: Imagine want kind of stock investments you could make with 900 million…

I think the Ricketts are pleased as punch that Zambrano is keeping the news media busy. “Smoke and mirrors boys…smoke and mirrors. Hey Lou…go kick some dirt on the umps shoes while I count these bills. And by the way, that Zambrano is a classic. Tell him to take a few weeks off.”

Say what you want about the Yankees but at least Steinbrenner put his money where his mouth is. Some of it anyway.