Some videos of my motion

Hey guys, just wondering what you all think.


Not Bad! I would like to see the throwing hand–reach farther forward toward the catcher–to get more horizontal to the ground. After getting horizontal–snap the towel–and slap the opposite knee to ankel. Always keep your eyes front–for comebackers. Then, bring your follow leg around and down–across from your lead leg. If you use your body more, you’ll get more velosity–and less strain on your shoulder. Hope you keep your chip up–and be a work horse.

how old r u?

Thanks a lot, man. I just have a few questions. What do you mean by slap the opposite knee to ankle? And also bring my leg around and down across from my lead leg? I know I’m not getting as much torque as I should or really leading with my butt well, but those I’m working on.

To the dude below him, I’m 17 and a senior.

Thanks guys.

ur elbow gets a bit high -

as apposed to, say… maddux

other than what youve already mentioned that your working on, u look good :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw that too. I’ve been a catcher for almost all my life so that’s just one thing that kinda carries over. Do you know any drills or anything that I can use to correct that?

i personally have never had that problem so i dont really have any thoughts on how to remedy that

sry :frowning:

You have a pretty smooth delivery, but like OffSet said your elbow does get high, you could try to work on your arm action by looking at the PitchingClips section of the website and try to copy some of the great’s arm action (Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, etc.), but if it works for you and you don’t get any pain than I wouldn’t change anything.

I think the more important issues were addressed in your previous thread.