Some Updates and a question, take a look and reply!

Well i asked in an Earlier post that i needed a third pitch. Found it.
Splitter. Used it struck out 5 in a row.

Now. I can throw about mid 80s to 90 But i know I can stay at 90 constant. How can i do this?

Now i havent really pitched against tough hitters today.
Im 18 btw

I faced 7 high school hitters who made it to both semi finals in states and county.

I got them ALL to hit ground balls. Some were weak some were hard hits. Should i use a 2 seam to jam them?

Personally I think a 2 seam is a great jamming pitching. But that depends on how much movement you have on it. Be careful because if a hitter can get around on any inside fastball it can go pretty far especially if your pitching around 90.

Agreed. If youre two seam doesnt move at all it will go a long long way especially if youre facing some good talent.