Some Tap Weighted Medicine drills that I do

More to come, but here are two videos. I have two more drills that I currently have, but didn’t do when I video taped today, so they will included in a future video with other med ball drills.

Here are the two videos. Please read the description of the video(the one with multiple drills) for more details about the drills do in it.

I’ll be more than happy to explain my logic behind all of the drills.

And yes I did make a new channel. I want to make one that is strictly for baseball workouts, drills, and my drill work and not to have other random videos.

Thanks for watching!

I really like some of these, nice!

Thank you sir!

I tried to encompass different interval parts of the motion such as scap load and trunk rotation. And work the front and back of the arm as well

Some interesting stuff. I did a few similar things a year and a half back when
I had shoulder pain, to fix mechanical issues.

I came up with these because I want to work on certain parts of my upper body mechanics without throwing a baseball. I think by isolating the different parts I can focus in on what the way I want to do it feels like and then translate that to my full go mechanics.

I some more ideas for a couple more exercises. I want to develop a bunch, so I can have a variety to do and have categories of them to focus on different mechanical things.

How many throws with each size ball do you do?

Do you start with the heaviest ball and move down to the lightest?

What I have been doing for these drills is staring with the lightest then going to the heaviest. I’ll usually end with a couple at the five(regulation weight) med ball.

For all the drills except the punch one i will usually do one to to sets of where I throw one throw of each one. Like a circuit.

Hopefully that makes sense. I will make a video of my whole workout and put it online, so if what I’m saying doesn’take sense, look for my next video. I will probably video on Sunday and put it up sometime during the this next week.