Some shoulder/Elbow pains

Ok, keep in mind i never had any baseball training whatsoever. Never even watched practice LoL.

It hurts when long toss and doesn’t when i pitch(correctly LoL)

Either way the pain is on the front/inside of my shoulder. I’m not sure if it is sore deltoids or a damaged/weak rotator cuff. Manly hurts when i go over 70% of my full throw. Full body relaxed throw gives me a nice lob from short stop to first base though haha.

Crow hopping helps with distance, but doesn’t change the fact that it hurts when i throw too hard.

Is there a way to tell the difference? (Preferably in layman’s terms, not very educated on anatomy)

Is there a way to get rid of pitcher’s elbow? And what exactly is pitcher’s elbow?(just to see if i actually have it haha) I have also heard it is from throwing a breaking ball incorrectly. True?

For long toss, is it good or bad to get my throwing elbow above my throwing shoulder? is it bad like in pitching?

Thanks for helping guys. I always post like 5+ questions per post Lol. sorry if its a pain.

Sounds like you should get checked out by a doctor for your pain.

Pitcher’s Elbow is an overuse injury. It is generally a strain of the flexor muscle/tendon in the under side of the forearm. The flexor muscle is what you use to snap your hand forward or to squeeze your fingers to your palm.