Some running?

Is running two long runs a weeks of 30 minutes good for some stamina?

This is a highly debated topic in the pitching world. Personally, I like to, I pitch an average of 8.2 innings a game on a 3 man rotation playing 4 games a week.

Some people say it destories your lower body.

an hour in a week shouldn’t be to bad (I run cross-country so I run alot)
but if you feel any discomfort than don’t run until you feel 100% better.

But someone else may tell you differently.


I am committed to running during the week. Aside from last week, which I only ran 2x…I am running 4- 6 days a week. I have run that much for the last 19 weeks now. I started running 1 - 1.5 miles a day back in late Dec / early Jan to averaging at least 3 - 5 miles every time I run now. I’m also averaging anywhere from 7:20 - 7:50 a mile, depending on the intensity of the run that day. While it may be debated in baseball circles, I love it and feel as though it absolutely contributes to my stamina & confidence.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.