Some Pro Help Please

I know you hear this a lot but I’m 17 and a junior at Shelbyville Central High School in Shelbyville,TN. I throw in the upper 70s to low 80s, and would like to up that to around the mid-80s to upper-80s…I know I don’t have to throw hard to go far because of my other pitches. Anyway, I don’t lift or anything and was wondering what you think I should do? I do arm care after I pitch, run (not enough), and that kind of stuff…any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

sean #21 currently: 3-1, 8K, 4BB, 28.6IP, 1.57ERA.

The simple answer is that you need to start working hard in the weight room. If you are in the middle of the season then now might not be the best time to start but as soon as your season ends you need to hit the weight room hard. Starting now will probably negatively affect your pitching in the short term. I suggest you really figure out what you plan on doing when the season is over so you can start as soon as the season ends.

ok thanks…so over summer I’ll kick it pretty hard…run,lift,throw, etc…but I’m also going to be playing over summer and I’m taking a weight lifting class next year so do you have any recommendations on a specific program I should be doing or does it matter?

It definitely matters. Most guys are playing and practicing almost year round. In my opinion you should start lifting light as soon as school ball ends so you can be acclimated to it by the end of summer ball. Then when summer ends you need to kick into gear. As far as programs go, there are many good programs available. I do sell some on my site if you are interested. I know that some people post their programs on here as well. Some of the programs are not very good but some are. Do your research and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.