Some pointers

Hey guys im going to be a Freshmen in the upcoming 06-07 school year. I have been playing everyday for 2 years, but haven’t been in a league in 3 years. I can top my 4-seam fastball out anywhere between 62-68. Is this good for my age (turn 15 on 7/26/06)?

That’s pretty good…if you have accuracy then it should get you some innings pitching.

What can I do to get my fastball faster?

If you want to throw harder, work on long toss and just throw more. Also, weighted balls are proven to increase velocity if used properly. Usually the 4oz/5oz/6oz system sees the greatest improvements.

also… if you haven’t played baseball for a team ina few years then you probably haven’t been caoched at pitching. simple things could help out your pitching alot. such as opening up and using your hips, finding your natural armslot (in my opinion throwing overhand will give you the most speed), i am also a believer that on your wind-up bringing your leg back instead of to the side adds a few MPH, getting some rythm into your pitch(on the leg kick mostly), and other things as well…