Some neat knuckleball experiences

Well, as you may imagine my knuckleball gives me some pretty funny experiences. Here’s a list of my favorites.

  1. My dad and I were playing catch, as the knuckleball got closer to him it slowed down as though it were coming to an intersection and my dad closed his mit too early on it.

  2. My dad got hit in the ankle by one that dove in and out.

  3. My teammate when we were warming up got under his eye cut because the seam slid across his face when he missed it.

  4. Umpire checked me for vaseline.

  5. Umpire called “Ball, Strike”.

  6. My coach pulled a muscle in his back swinging at it. lol

  7. Pitching BP to a 12 yr. old. OMG that was funny.

  8. In practice threw one to my cutoff man from the outfield, he dropped it of course.

  9. Batter mutters “What the hell?” as it comes it.

ok you throw a k-ball!

I thought you might have already picked up on that.

My sig. kind of gives the no-spin idea.

I always wanted to be able to throw it, but I never REALLY seriously wanted to. Now, I seriously want to be able to throw it. How should I get started?

Well register on knuckleballhq message boards

Buy The Knucklebook if you can. Practice it a lot you can’t slack off if you want to learn to throw a good one.

Probably the neatest experience was when my brother was catching for me. I threw a couple knucklers his way, most with just drop/slice and some that had too much spin. Then I threw one great one that was breaking down and left and my brother stretched over for it. A split second later, the ball broke the opposite way, cut in front of him, and went behind him. Both laughed for a good few minutes.

I love it!

That’s the stuff we want to hear. lol

so were talking about movement experiences? when my catcher and i first met he couldnt catch my fastball. i get a lot of tailing on it and it would always go past his glove like half an inch and fly to the backstop. now its fine.

once i threw a slow curveball right at a batter and he tried to avoid it by going forward like basically in the strike zone and the ball came right back and it it in the middle of the zone so i got a hit batter strike call.