Some more footage

I decided to take a lil more footage… The one thing i saw was my arm(someone said something bout it in last footage…) and i think that is why I swing open sometimes… And in the last vid… My arm motion scares me a lil… Is it bad or will it be alright?? Oh yea… sorry bout so much editing… I like video editing and production

Glove arm really flies out to the side leading to early rotation. Make sure the glove is out front at foot plant and keep it out there. The glove will turn over as the shoulders rotate but it needs to stay out front and the chest should move to the glove.

You also need more momentum but that can only be worked on once the knee gets better.

I also decided to do this

I’m with Roger on the glove side issue. I think you may be afraid to move your head and upper torso toward the target, over your front leg. You stay straight up and down and actually recoil backwards. I’d be curious to see you do what Roger said with the chest to the glove but flex forward over the front leg. Fire that back shoulder toward the target and down, continuing your rotation over the front leg. You’re spinning off, away from your target.

The only reason i dont do that is cause of my knee right now…

OK. The only problem is that it isn’t productive for us to comment on your mechanics if your knee is changing it all.