Some Advice please?

hey everyone im 15 goin 16 in a month…and well you know those speed laser ball things u buy online?..well for me they say that i throw 70 but lots of ppl tell me they r about 5-8mph off…i really love baseball and i wanna do everything i can to get better at it so what are your suggestions to speed up my arm…and yea i do have pretty good command and some movement…thanx in advance

You’re in the right forum. Check out Steve’s website to start. In fact you can probably end there too since it has lots and lots and lots of free info. Check out the pitching articles and the drills and workouts listed. Oh, yeah, don’t forget to buy his ebook and other resources so we can keep this forum open!! (just kidding, there is tons of great info at great prices). Good Luck.

When I was 14 or 15, my dad and I got one of those speed balls. (I think he won it at a local golf shootout.) It was actually a lot of fun to play around with in the backyard, although, not when we were specifically following a throwing program for the day.

The challenge I’ve found with those speed baseballs is: if the distance between you and your partner is not exactly 60.5 feet, they don’t accurately measure velocity.

Use that baseball for fun. But when you’re throwing to throw seriously (i.e. throwing bullpens, long tossing, etc.) use a regular, regulation baseball. It’s less distracting.

And for those velocity guns, though they can be fun to use to track progress, don’t focus too intently on velocity. Pitching velocity isn’t really an end-all-be-all at your age – throwing strikes and recording outs is, however. So, work on hitting your spots. Throw daily with a purpose. (The 10-Minute Long-Toss Program is an excellent start to a daily big league throwing program.) As you mature, the velocity will come, too. And, if you already have good command, when that velocity does come, you’ll be one heck of a pitcher!