Some advice on returning from an UNUSUAL injury/surgery

Long story short, I’ve had an arm problem since the spring of 06 that I could never get figured out, even after seeing multiple DR’s, trainers, etc… and multiple tests ex: MRI’s (yes plural), bone scan, nerve tests, etc. Well, after Redshirting this past Season…I finally found a DR. who found my problem (hopefully) and I had surgery on my forearm to:

Release the ulnar nerve from compression by the fascial band AND a compartment release(fasciotomy).

WHEW…now that that’s over…I’m just starting back to throwing again. The doctor said the recovery is pretty short (compared to TJ or Shoulder). HOWEVER, I obviously don’t have anyone to talk to as I know several people who have had TJ, or Rotator Cuff surgery…but not this. I wonder if anyone has any insight on my return to the mound?

Thanks guys.