Solutions for opening up too early while pitching?

Hey, thanks for taking the time to look at this.
Been playing for 8 years. I have always had the problem of opening up my front leg almost as soon as my windup is done. Is there any good drills out there to fix this?

L o.o k at what? :wink: something didn’t work for you the first time, I believe.

If that is what you are doing your not maximizing your back leg drive. Start from the stretch position and go through your motion.
Pay attention to leg drive. Stay closed as long as you can. Drive your foot closest to homeplate sideways and stay closed just before touch down. Your natural instict will allow you to open with your foot closed just before impact with the ground.
Keep practicing…its habit that needs to be broke.
You may be causing more stress on the arm with your current delivery.
Good luck.

Do you have any video so we can see exactly where and why you open up early.



“I have always had the problem of opening up my front leg almost as soon as my windup is done.’

Why would this be a problem? Only because this is what you have been told.
This is actually how the leg’s work/ and are actually performing correct.

Pitchers who stay closed run into problems also. Thinking you create power dropping in? this is false! Dropping in only lengthens you, many think is where you use power, not so and trying to produce power from the ball arm leg by pushing hard down the hill perturbs timing and smooth transition to length.

All forwards acceleration comes long after the lengthening process and generated by pulling back against the glove arm leg when the arm is actually ready to throw!

thx for the help. I am going to be posting a video of my pitching too