I know a good diet doesn’t consist of much, or more likely any, sweets like soda,candy,etc. Are these foods bad because of what their ingredients or are they bad because you should be spending those calories on foods with protein, vitamins, and complex carbs?


Think of food as something to fuel a machine your body. Do not look at food as for pleasure. Once you think of food as fuel and you realize you want to power that machine of yours with the best fuel possible, you will begin to realize that there are some very bad things to put in there and some very good things. What you put in equals what you get out and stuff high in simple sugars makes it hard to run a machine as efficiently as possible due to the short amount of energy that it can provide for you.

A little of both. Ingredients and “processed” food issues are a distant second to simply getting the right amount of calories and protein. If you have to eat a pizza once per week because you are bulking up and can’t stand the idea of eating grilled chicken breast and fish 7 times per week, twice per day, then eat a pizza.

But by and large you should shoot for unprocessed foods that have an expiration date. Stuff out of a box is generally not the way to go. Stick to the aisles of the grocery store.

Kyle—I have found that if you have to have a soda of some kind, a good thing is half fruit juice (apple, cranberry, black cherry or some such, preferably organic) and half sparkling water—not club soda, but something like Zephyrhills or Deer Park sparkling water. It’s most refreshing, believe me, and it won’t mess up your digestive system. And you’re right—a small, individual pizza, maybe one with onions, mushrooms, green pepper or any combination of veggies, a good tomato sauce and not too much cheese, will do just find if you don’t want to eat cardboard all the time! :slight_smile:

Also the reason i say this is because i’ve been following this kind of issue as a graduate school candidate for physiology/ diet that just about everything in foods taken at face value doesn’t make sense. 60 minutes just had an episode about it but there are flavor enhancers that are really wide spread that probrably trick you into thinking and trick your body into thinking that you’re getting the proper nutrients and essential vitamins etc

You answered your own question at the end there. I have studied nutrition for a long time and soda is a killer. Despite what I just said…
I treat myself to a couple diet mountain dews every week. Sometimes even after my insanity workout. I know it sounds crazy but if I just give up everything I know I can’t live that lifestyle forever and its easy to throw in the towel. Just know your limits! :smiley:
Eat 95% healthy with good exercise and enjoy the treats every once in awhile. Nobody eats perfectly, especially in America.

this is a great topic :),

The only thing you have to be worried about is your calories my friend. Protein is 2nd after that. But still calories is the big picture here.

If you are looking to bulk, then you can eat whatever you want really. I am not talking about eating chips all day and cookies, i am just saying if you are having a meal, say chicken, and rice, and you want 3-4 cookies with it, go ahead, just count it towards your total calories. If another meal you wanted 1 slice of pizza with your fish, then go ahead.

If you hit your designated calorie goal for the day you are golden.

I myself am currently 5’9 185lbs with 12 percent body fat, and i am doing extremely well, even though i might have chips, pop, and cookies.

You can eat chicken, rice and vegetables all day, you can still get fat.
If i need 3,000 calories to maintain, and i am eating 5,000 calories a day, all strictly from chicken, rice and vegetables, i will get fat. I am eating 2,000 calories over my maintence and thus i will get fat. If i eat only 300-500 calories over my maintence, plus i supplement that with proper weight training, then i would gain muscle.