Where exactly is good spots to be soar after a good 60+ pitch outing, like I know pitchers will be soar because pitching is an unorthodox motion but where is good spots, like can there be some soarness in the elbow, back of shoulder, and down ur side of the back of ur throwing arm?

sore. not soar

There can be soreness in all the areas you mentioned, soreness is expected, pain is an issue. Taking care of your body is most important for all pitchers!

The old locker room poster “No Pain, No Gain” probably has sidelined more athletes than it has helped. The pain of pushing yourself to a higher level is meant to be mental pain, not body pain.

Pain is the body’s way to indicate injury. I don’t think the poster was meant to read “No body injury, no gain.”

Soreness is an early indication of muscle damage be it a sprain, strain, or tear and is often accompanied by swelling and/or inflammation.

The muscle pain is caused by damage to the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to soft tissue cells or muscles. The injured soft tissue cells are deprived of the oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy cells and maintenance of the body’s natural healing process. The damaged blood vessels are also unable to remove cell waste. Uncontrolled, this process causes cell death and results in blood and fluid seeping into the damaged portions of the muscle causing swelling and bruising which creates additional injury to the affected area. This additional injury is what prolongs recovery from muscle sprains and strains.

Get on top of soreness before it becomes injury.

Ice and compress your sore muscles and rest them before submitting to more exercise. Do not play in pain.