So What Next?

Hey guys
Im a recent graduate from a d3 school in Cali and i want to continue playing ball. I throw 88-92 with inconsitantly good offspeed.
I had some inquiry by scouts and some talk about getting drafted and whatnot but with that come and gone to no avail what are my options?
I have heard about open tryouts and whatnot but many of those are halfway across the country…
what are my options and how do i find more tryouts?

Go through the drop down menus on I did that and found all the tryouts in Canada. A representative from every major league team shows up and looks for talent they think they can use. That’s probably one of your best bets. OR go looking for an independent league, that’s always good to keep in ball form and guys even get drafted out of them.

There’s a forum down below this one called “Pro Baseball Tryouts”. Doesn’t get much action but you might find an old post or two in there. And your’re certainly welcome to post something there to spark some discussion.