So my coach showed me what i was doing wrong

Well today i threw and the hardest i hit was 88 =[

Still trying to break into the 90s consistently but um he said my arm flings to much towards second upon hand break which makes me sorta sling shot the ball.

So i will work on it.

The qualities poor and you really cant see but its worth a look at

too make the quality a little better…at the bottom right of the youtube player theres a little box with smaller boxes which shrinks the video.You should see it better[/url]

You’re striding onto the 3B side too much making you throw across your body. It also looks like your front foot lands open.

I agree with XV84. You stride to the closed side and then throw back across your body. That can limit hip rotation. You also bend at the waist toward the glove side in an attempt to get your head and shoulders back in line with the target. That is an inappropriate posture change that messes with your release point.

Yea unbelievably I threw one that hit 88 that day.
But i see what i am doing wrong.
He told me when my hands break my throwin arm sorta wraps behind me.
as for the striding towards third i do tend to do that BUT the opposing pitcher was a lefty and he made that hole before i pitched so i had no choice but to land like that.

As for bending i know i should get over my front leg better and to bring my chest towards the glove…

Any suggestion on how to work on this stuff

rawtalent juss curious how old r u???

Severely closed landing. Severe. I wouldn’t do a thing with mechanics until this is fixed, then see what needs to be done.

I am 18 turning 19 in 9 days.

I know i gotta stop that.
i think i should draw a straight line from the middle of the rubber.

But i think i was closed so much is because i start from the 1st base side of the rubber. And landed to the hole which was all the way to the right

But ill get to working on it tomorrow

I believe the reason you are striding in that direction is because of your arm action. Or vice versa. It’s related. Your glove arm will tend to follow your stride leg and your throwing arm will usually be opposite of what your glove arm is doing. The reason for this is the body is trying to maintain dynamic balance.

Stride more in line with the plate, work on leading with the elbow instead of the glove. Don’t point the glove towards 3B after breaking the hands. That is leading you to throw across your body. The throwing hand will usually follow where the glove hand was.