So I was looking at that "Rushing" topic

…and I was wondering, does it seem like my arm is a little behind the drive in my hips and shoulders?

I don’t think that’s it. What I was referring to is something that guys like Wood, Hamels and B.J. Ryan do. When their shoulder rotate, their forearms aren’t (close to) vertical, creating an (I guess) unnecessarily forceful external rotation (or something). I don’t think it has to do with one’s arm being behind the shoulders, like yours.

i think its fine

That’s some darn nice form pitcher. Just give yourself a few more years to put on some more muscle and bulk.

Again, real nice form.

Coach B.

Yeah man nice stuff. How old are you?

Hey thanks I appreciate it. I’m 18 now but that was when I was 16 or 17 I believe. I’ve put on only 5 lbs. and I’ve been working out as much as I can while taking some protein shakes. But I stopped those a while ago because they weren’t very healthy for me.

yeah man those things mess you up. But hey just keep working out some people add on weight faster than others. One of teachers was saying of a student he had that was about 5’9 and real skinny at the end of highschool and exploded to be around 6’3 like around 200. so hey, lol but i think he might of exaggerated a bit

Well let’s just hope for my sake that he wasn’t too far off XD

haha just eat alot of meat and workout

How can you tell so much from a still? you cant tell how he got there and you cant tell where hes going? So please enlighten me…

Well thats the posistion in where you want to get in, so obviosly hes doin something right.

Sorry about that, I wish that I had some slides.

so you’re telling me from an amateur still thats what a pitcher should look like at that point in his delivery?

wow :rolllaugh:

you also spelled obviously and position wrong …i went ahead and fixed it for you

Listen bro I’m sorry you’re making a deal out of it :slight_smile: It’s just a still and I’m sorry if you don’t like how it’s taken :slight_smile:

Well thanks obga im glad you feel better about yourself