So i keep my arm very loose when i threw today

Not stiff or firm but loose when launching the ball like it should be. My friends told my it look like i was throwing like 79 mph lol. But one fastball out of the 50 i threw was very very hard.Can someone explain this. I was pushing off, loadin and driving with my body consistently. But this one fastball sort of hopped towards the plate!!!

After that It slowed down again!

IDK WHAT TO DO. firm arm or rag loose?

Rag loose. Here is a good example.

yea i pitch with a loose arm because firm sounds like you trying to muscle up … :x

I’d say whatever works for you best. I understand your wondering if you change some stuff that you can throw even harder but from what I see you throw hard now I think whatever your doing is working for you and you should stick with it.