So i have to pitch tommorrow

[size=12]hey guys im new here. im a junior in high school. we had our first scrimmage this tuesday and i pitched one inning. i threw a good 25 -30 pitches. but threw the day before in an intersquad scrimmage. On wednesday when i went out to throw my arm was killing me around the tricep, behind the elbow. It wasn’t too bad today but i didn’t throw as hard. Im most likely pitching tommorrow. What can I do for the pain, should i even pitch at all?[/size][/size]

Sounds like a little too much pitching too soon. Your pain might be just muscular soreness in which case it’s probably not something to worry about too much. You could try to pitch through this but in my opinion there’s no need to push it with the whole season still in front of you. Also, if the pain causes you to alter your mechanics, you’ll may risk injury to some other part of your body.

Now, if your pain is actually in the elbow joint itself, then there might be something else wrong and you should get it checked out.

This happened to me to when i throw too hard for too long and it doesnt when i slow it down a little so i just throw slower. but added a couple pitches to my arsenal